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August Home, a premium smart lock manufacturer, has just released the newest August Smart Lock – the August Smart Lock Pro. This lock is Z-Wave compatible and is geared toward the professional market rather than do-it-yourselfers. The development of the August Smart Lock Pro has prompted the company to join the Z-Wave Alliance, making them a part of a global membership that works to expand the use of Z-Wave protocol in smart homes. Additionally, August Home is looking to join the Zigbee Alliance and other home automation standards’ organizations in the interest of serving the professional market further.

The August Smart Lock puts a cool twist on the smart lock – their locks work with existing deadbolts. Instead of replacing the entire hardware, the August Smart Lock fits over the deadbolt on the inside of the house, replacing the knob you normally turn on a deadbolt to lock and unlock it. Consumers can use their old key if they want, or use a virtual key via their smartphone, where they can also set schedules for e-keys that they issue to their friends and family. Also worth noting is that the lock comes with an auto-lock/unlock feature. When you come home or are leaving the house, the door will automatically lock or unlock depending on the appropriate action. Pretty cool for those forgetful types.

Z-Wave and Apple HomeKit Compatible

Known for their August Smart Lock that turns your regular, “dumb” door lock into its smart counterpart, August Home has created more value for users with their August Smart Lock Pro. The lock itself is similar to the August Smart Lock in that it uses the same architecture of the original, but the new feature of being Z-Wave compatible makes this smart lock particularly useful. With Z-Wave, the August Smart Lock Pro can be integrated into a whole home security solution or home automation system by wirelessly communicating with other devices – a great selling point for installers and integrators who focus on this type of work.

August Smart Lock Pro Z-Wave

As an added bonus, the August Smart Lock Pro is compatible with Apple HomeKit. Many locks do not work with personal assistants because of the security implications. Say Amazon Echo could unlock your door. Someone standing on your front porch, within “earshot” of Alexa, would be able to open your door – whether you want them to or not. However, as Siri lives in your pocket, this feature is as safe and convenient as asking her to play your favorite song.


The August Smart Lock Pro (Z-Wave) is scheduled to begin shipping Fall of 2017, with plans to be distributed from August partners such as AVAD, ADI, Worthington and Top Notch. You can obtain more information about August Pro at

This new smart lock will be available to professional installers and integrators only. If you are a consumer looking for a great smart lock, check out the August Smart Lock, which will turn your existing door lock into a smart lock in a few simple steps. You can find the August Smart Lock at

August Home Product Line

The August Smart Home Access Solution is composed of three top products offered by August Home. The August Smart Lock, August Smart Keypad and August Doorbell Cam is a home automation solution that allows users access to their front door from anywhere. Using a smartphone as their key, consumers can enter and lock the door and issue virtual keys to family, friends, pet sitters, repair men, or anyone else they wish to grant access to their home. The app also allows one to track who enters and exits the home, and at what time.

The August Smart Keypad allows users to program entry codes that are unique to each friend, family member, or service provider. This particular product allows people to lock and unlock the door, even if they don’t have a smartphone. The August Doorbell Cam is a pretty nifty buy as well, as it allows consumers to virtually see and speak to visitors who are at the door via a smartphone. You could be halfway across the world and still “answer” your door.

August Product Line Up

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