Google Home Deals in the US and Canada

Google Home, one of the top personal assistant devices on the market, is seeing some sweet discounts in the United States and Canada. Google is pushing their Google Home Mini, an extender device for the Google Home to lengthen its reach through the home. Google Home in your kitchen? Get a Google Home Mini for the upstairs hall, bedroom, or your living room, so you can get all the benefits of the Google Assistant, no matter where you are in the house. Let’s see about those Google Home deals below!

What's the Deal?

The Google Mini, on its own, costs $49 for a single unit. In the US, now through May 5th, you can get two for $78 – that’s $20 off the original price. If buying a Google Home unit, paired with a Mini, you’ll get $25 off your order, while buying one with the Google Home Max (their large, whole room speaker that can pair with Chromecast-enabled speakers or a separate Google Home/Google Home Mini, for $399) gets you $30 off the whole order, making that Mini a mere $19.

Canada's Savings

In Canada, it’s a different story. There’s an $80 discount when shoppers buy two Google Home units, at the price of $179 each. I guess those exchange rates really make a difference in price, as the Google Home in America is usually $129. Bummer! Still, $80 off of a two-unit purchase is a pretty hefty savings, especially if you’re looking to have access to a smart personal assistant in multiple areas of the house.

So if the Google Home was on your short list of items to buy, get yours by May 5, 2018 to get some awesome savings!

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