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Monitoring your child’s nursery just got smarter. HuGo and IVO bring a fresh approach to video home monitoring with its Alexa Voice interface, serving as a smart solution for the home and, perhaps more importantly, the nursery. HuGo and IVO come with a host of cool perks, such as the aforementioned Alexa voice control, Affectiva Emotion AI and content services like news, weather, sports, music streaming – all similar to what you can do with Amazon Echo or Google Home. Let’s take a look at what they can do.

HuGo is a smart HD camera that combines smart voice communication with video monitoring for the home, while its partner, IVO, provides playback of what HuGo has recorded. Pet parents and human parents alike can enjoy peace of mind when leaving their little ones unattended (or in the care of another) with easy monitoring while at home or away. Using Hubble’s free app “Hugo” for the iPhone and Android devices, one can view the live stream from anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection. This all sounds pretty standard, so let’s get into the good stuff.

HuGo Features

HuGo comes equipped with noise, movement, and temperature alarms. If the room your baby is occupying becomes too hot and uncomfortable, you will know. Automatic alerts are sent to your phone when there is a warning message, so you can stay up to speed, minute by minute, on the things that matter to you most. The camera can differentiate between the movement of a pet and that of a human, which is not only cool but useful in that you won’t be receiving updates every time your cat decides to take a swipe at the lens.

HUGO Product Image
A wide angle lens captures an inclusive view of the room, and, with the PTZ function, can provide you with a 360-degree view. The device records videos and photos which can be stored via the Hubble Connected cloud storage or locally on HuGo itself. AES256 Encryption with SSL ensures that your recorded content is safe from prying eyes. Speaking of eyes, HuGo has a motorized “eyelid” that can be closed at any time, allowing for physical privacy in addition to digital. Far-field dual microphones capture clear audio, giving a holistic picture of the goings-on in the vicinity of the camera.

IVO Video Monitor

IVO Product ImageIVO provides the second half of the equation, acting as a smart viewer alongside HuGo. The monitor is HD, and has a nice dock with 3-watt Hi-Fi speakers for playback. IVO allows you to view all that HuGo can see, and comes dripping in a number of bonus features. As mentioned before, you can hear the news, get weather and sports updates, stream music and audiobooks, but it doesn’t stop there. Order groceries, control your TV, make phone calls – and more. With this dynamic duo, you can rest assured that your baby, pet, and home are in good hands.

Both products are compatible with Zigbee. Additional information will be released later this year on availability and pricing.

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