7 Smart Home Products That Attract Home Buyers

It is a fact that home automation technology is here to stay. In fact, many segments of the home buying population – such as millennials – expect their home to have such products in place. This would prompt more than 80 percent of potential home buyers to sign a contract on the home, according to a recent survey completed by CNET. Below is a list of the top 7 smart home products that attract home buyers, in no certain order.

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Door Locks

The days of fumbling for the front door keys and unlocking it while juggling packages, backpacks and the like comes to an end with the inclusion of smart door locks. The latest versions of smart door locks allow homeowners to unlock their home using a wireless remote or an app on their phone. Even those models that have a numeric code that has to be entered eliminate the stress of having to slide a thin piece of metal into a tiny slot in just the right way to get the door open.

Smart Security Cameras

While social media is replete with videos of pet shenanigans that occur while their owners are away, a more practical use of integrating automated security cameras into a home is the peace of mind it brings. Even while the homeowner is away at work all day or on vacation, they can keep a close watch on their home and its belongings.

Smart Thermostats

Thermostats that use automated technology were one of the first types to get adopted by homeowners. Even today, smart thermostats are the most often seen form of home automation equipment found. Not only can automated thermostats save homeowners a significant amount of energy and, as a result, lower their utility bills, they can do so without a compromise in their level of comfort. Many of today’s models allow homeowners to change the thermometer settings from afar using their smartphone or other similar devices.

Smart Lighting

The ability to more easily control the lighting in a particular room is nothing new. After all, that’s what dimmer switch and motion-activated lights are designed to offer home buyers. With the advances in automated technology though, the popularity of the segment has exploded. While buyers looking at custom builds will likely have an easier time installing everything they could ever want with regard to lighting from the start, it is actually not difficult to add this technology to existing homes of all ages.

For example, a remote control dimmer switch puts a great deal more control over the ambiance, convenience, and energy efficiency of a home right in the owner’s hands where it belongs. Using an app downloaded to a smartphone, tablet or computer, a home buyer can adjust the light level in any given room without ever interrupting their current activities.

Smart Detectors

Every home buyer knows how important have working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors is to their health. Even the best detectors on the market can’t contact the proper authorities on their own though. Installing automated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors gives a home buyer the peace of mind in knowing that they’ll receive a notification if either is triggered. This knowledge is invaluable in a number of instances. For example, a homeowner who receives a notification that their home’s smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are activated can alert the local authorities. This could reduce the damage the home experiences.

Security Systems

Companies that provide security in the form of alarm systems and sensors have been in business for decades. With the rapid advancements in automated technology though, today’s homeowners don’t need to rely on an outside company. With the right smart home alarm system and sensors installed, they can keep tabs on the security of their home in such a way that is both hands-on and supportive. One of the most rewarding aspects of investing in this type of system is that home buyers can keep a close watch on their own home and receive notification of any issues quickly.

Home Media

With the explosion of streaming products and devices, home buyers expect to be able to listen and watch their favorites with ease. Wiring a home so that it is ready for audio and different types of media to be piped into a particular room and control with a few swipes and clicks is very appealing to today’s home buyers.

A home theater remote control, for example, consolidates all the remotes needed for a true home theater experience into one, easy-to-use device. An added bonus is that this type of remote is typically able to be controlled right from the home buyer’s smartphone or other device. Each of the above automated technologies delivers an improved experience for a homeowner. This supportive and relaxing element appeals to home buyers of all types who look at their home as being an oasis in a busy world.

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