August Smart Locks for Rentals

HomeAway, AirBnB, and services like it are quite possibly the most comfortable lodging options for vacationers. These services allow you to choose from a variety of different homes that real people are renting out short-term. I stayed in a cute little cottage in San Francisco when I was shooting concert photography for The Flaming Lips NYE show back in 2015, and it was wonderful.

Rooms are made up to look homey and comfortable, and the bathrooms are stocked with fluffy towels and amenities like those you would get in a fancy hotel. Having a kitchen means you don’t have to eat out for every meal – in high-priced cities like San Francisco and Manhattan, NY, that’s a real blessing. I loved the home-vibe, and appreciated the decor – I loathe the carpet in most hotels. The only way it could’ve been made better for me is if the rental home had a smart lock.

The key was kept in a lockbox with a code, secured to the door. That was simple enough, but as we all know, smart is the way to go. As a rental owner, having a smart lock on your rental may mean the difference between a resounding YES or a scroll to the next listing. Luckily, August Home has made it easy by providing smart locks for rentals. They have done so by partnering with HomeAway, an online marketplace for vacation rentals.

HomeAway Makes It Easy

August is a leader in smart lock products, with their ever-expanding August Home line of products. If a rental home has an August Smart Lock and August Smart Keypad, hosts can give easy, keyless access to the home. No more lost keys, or leaving keys under the doormat, or using the lockbox technique I talked about earlier. Smart locks for rentals just got easier.

After reserving an August-equipped rental on HomeAway, guests automatically receive a PIN code via the HomeAway app. That pin is all they need to enter the property, effectively simplifying the entire process for both guest and host. This is particularly great for those rental owners who are on vacation themselves, live out of state, or are otherwise unavailable to meet their guests.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

According to the Short-term Rentals: Smarter Hosting with Smart Home Technology study by August Home, 80% of vacation guests indicated that they would make a reservation for a smart home rental over one without automation products, and 60% said they would pay more for such features. I would have to count myself among these people.

Guests worry over being locked out, but not so much with the August Door Lock and August Smart Keypad. Of those surveyed, 53% stated they did not worry about being locked out of their rental when it has a smart lock, and 48% enjoyed not having to coordinate a time to meet with hosts at the beginning or end of their trip.

On the other side, 66% of hosts reported lower stress levels relating to whether or not guests would remember to lock the door, and 34% said they appreciated no longer having to hide keys. A great thing about smart locks is that even if you’re halfway around the world, if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you will have access to the lock via your smart phone. So, if you as a host want to check to make sure the door is locked at night, you do have the ability to lock it.

What You'll Need and How It Works

August Home Products

To work with HomeAway, you will need the August Smart Lock, August Smart Keypad, and the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.

After your August Smart Lock and August Smart Keypad have been installed (August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge required), there are just a few steps to get you going with HomeAway:

Create your listing on HomeAway, then create an August account. Connect the August account to the host page. This is a one-time process, after which HomeAway takes care of the rest. The site will automatically generate pin codes to appear in the host’s HomeAway Owner Dashboard for each guest reservation.

Guests will automatically receive their pin via the HomeAway Guest app, and will get a notification letting them know they have access to the property via this code. Access times and days will automatically change when changes have been made to the reservation, or if there is a cancellation. Access to the property automatically ends when the reservation ends. How convenient is that?


The August Smart Lock is priced at $199, while the August Smart Keypad goes for $79. The two do require the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, which is priced at $79 as well. That’s $357 total – a small price to pay for peace of mind. All products are available at the August website and Amazon.

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