Apple Watch 1 40% Off

Apple users rejoice! The original Apple Watch, once $349 for the 38mm version, $399 for the 42mm, you can now get this piece of tech for just $149 at Walmart. This limited time offer gives a 40% discount! That’s incredible savings when you consider the Apple Watch 1 is still going for just $100 below the original price on Apple’s website today, for $249 and $279.

What Does It Do?

I just picked up a Series 3 Apple Watch and absolutely love it. The activity rings, Breathe App and ability to text and take calls is a real help to me in my life and my business. I am a freelancer who works from home and usually totals a whopping 1 mile of movement per day, but with the Apple Watch, I am reminded to stand up and move every hour, and can take a one minute breather when my heart rate (and blood pressure) gets too high.

Though the Apple Watch 1 isn’t as high-tech as the current model, it can run all the same apps (works with HomeKit) and handle most of the functions that mine can, save for a few. You can’t swim with it (does that really matter?) and it doesn’t have GPS. Those, in my opinion, are minor differences that will not affect the casual user. This watch is great for kids, seniors, and all those who don’t need to swim with their watch on while simultaneously getting directions.

The Rub

The only issue I really have with the Apple Watch 1 is that it does not come in rose gold! Available colors consist of a mere two: silver and space grey. Admittedly, this is hardly an problem, but I must have rose gold everything. I even bought a super cute, rose gold beaded bracelet band for my Apple Watch to match. The good news is, you can switch out the band of the Apple Watch 1 to whatever you want, and Amazon has some totally awesome bands out there that make this piece of tech a trendy accessory!

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