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The ilumi Smartstrip is a millennial’s dream. Smart lighting is fun on its own, but with the new ilumi Smartstrip, you can transform your home or apartment into a mini-rave. The company has created a smart lighting strip that adds both luxury and entertainment to the home, and the ilumi Smartstrip’s placement flexibility makes the potential for decorative lighting as limitless as your own imagination.

ilumi Smartstrip Features

The ilumi Smartstrip is a smart colored lighting strip. Like most other smart lighting strips, ilumi’s can be placed in a number of areas and in various manners. Cove lighting, where the light strip is installed under cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, is a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms. This technique illuminates a soft glow of color that spills out from under a surface, adding a level of luxury without remodeling. The strips can be cut along designated lines to fit any space, without having to tie back the leftover strip.

ilumi Smartstrip in Action

In the ilumi Smartstrip Kickstarter video, they show a variety of ways to place the smart lights – including under the bed and behind a headboard. It looks pretty awesome. To make something like that practical, they have scenes for bedtime that help with calming the mind and settling you to sleep via the app. More on that later. These lights can be used outside, as they are weather proof, and can make an outdoor ambience your friends will love. Whether you want the subtle cove lighting technique, or prefer the more bright and brazen effect the lights provide in plain sight, the ilumi Smartstrip can be customized to fit your preferences.

So what makes the ilumi Smartstrip a millennial’s dream? The light strips can sync to your music. This, combined with the colored lighting, is ideal for a rager party. Using the app, you can set the lights to cycle through colors or stay as one continuous color, flashing to the beat of your music. This feature makes these light strips useful for stage musicians as well, as the ilumi Smartstrip can adhere to any surface. Musicians could potentially use these in their performances to create dynamic, sound-synced effects that adhere to their mic stands, amplifiers, keyboards, even potentially on clothing – hey, we’re not judging.

The App

Every great smart light needs an equally awesome controller, and the free app by ilumi is going through an overhaul to provide just that. Ilumi is adding a host of new features, including more scheduling capabilities, layouts, and integrations. It’s available for iOS and Android devices as a free download, and has some pretty cool effects.

The ilumi Smartstrip connects via ilumi’s Meshtek, their version of robust wireless Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is more of a single-room connection, as the range is typically only up to 30 feet – typically you wouldn’t expect to wow your friends by changing the light’s settings from upstairs. With Meshtek, however, the ilumi Smartstrip has a range of 150 feet. If you have multiple ilumi products, individual lights can pass on commands to the next bulb within the network, extending the range at which you can control them even further. You can control up to 50 ilumi devices through the app.

Change the color or set the mood with dozens of presets for holidays, moods, and times of day such as sunrise and sunset. You can fully customize, create your own presets or choose a one-time color palette. And, don’t forget, sync those lights to the music for even more fun. Ilumi allows you to schedule your lights to turn on or off at specific times, with custom-chosen moods and presets so you can set the tone for your day.

ilumi App Capabilities


Availability and Pricing

The ilumi Smartstrip is in its infant stages, and is currently raising capital via Kickstarter. You can invest $59 to get the starter kit, which is set to sell for $89.99 retail. Higher donations come with the start kit plus addition extensions and other bulbs by ilumi. Currently, this is the only way to come by an ilumi Smartstrip, but you will be able to purchase from the ilumi website later this year.

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