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Kinked necks and sore shoulder muscles are a thing of the past with MantleMount’s MM850, their first automated TV mount. So many have fallen victim to ill placement of a TV due to space constraints, but no more! The MM850 is designed to mount above the fireplace – a common placement for flatscreens – and descend to a proper viewing-level so that you can sit comfortably and enjoy your mounted flatscreen.

MantleMount is new to the home automation game, though they have already had great success with their manual pull-down mount. The company was born using crowdfunding – a humble beginning I admire. What can I say? I have a soft spot for “the little guy,” as I myself have used crowdfunding to bring several of my own projects to life.

MantleMount can no longer be considered “little,” as the company is growing more and more every day. In fact, their MM850 Home Automated and Pull Down Swivel TV Mount was nominated for a Residential Systems Award at CEDIA 2017, and won. In this article, we will explore what makes this automated TV mount stand out from the crowd.

The MM850 Saves Your Neck

Many of those who would mount their TV to the wall do so out of pure necessity. Living rooms with fireplaces often have only one logical space to mount a flatscreen – just above the mantle. This poses a problem for longterm viewing, as the placement puts the TV well above eye level, creating strain in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Ultimately, this pain will lead to a variety of other ailments, such as insomnia and headaches, significantly taking away the joy of your TV-watching experience.

The benefits of having a pull-down mount for your TV will become clear within a week of using a regular, fixed wall mount. Though there are many manual pull-down TV mounts available on the market – MantleMount’s included – there is a certain charm to having an automated system such as that provided by the MM850.

Impress your guests when your voice command triggers the mount to move, descending to eye level. Swivel the flatscreen to face a particular seat, or toward the kitchen so the cook can watch her favorite cooking show while prepping a meal. Bring the TV to a comfortable height to watch sports on the back patio with friends. There are so many possibilities with such a device, and, as it can be controlled with several home automation systems, the potential multiplies.

The photos in the slider below were taken by real MantleMount customers.


The MantleMount MM850 has an RF remote control. This makes the automated TV mount accessible to those new to home automation, who perhaps do not have a whole home control solution yet. As for those who do, you can control the MM850 with automation systems such as Control4, Crestron, RTI, and, of course, Alexa.

A simple command of, “Alexa, turn on the TV,” can turn your TV on and trigger the MM850 to descend into the desired position. Got to love the hands-free theater experience this provides. Using your Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device to control the MM850 is perhaps the most cost-effective approach, as one can buy the Dot for a mere $49.99.

The MantleMount MM850 also has a wired Ethernet port. The standard RJ-45 LAN input serves a dual purpose. For installers, this creates a “plug and play” process. For the consumer, it allows for easy download of software updates to the mount itself. The company really did its homework when it comes making this product user-friendly.

Special Features of the MM850

The MantleMount MM850 features a multi-axis hub. It uses five-axis to connect components while permitting the dual actuators to do their thing – a complex drop and swivel motion for optimal viewing. The mechanics of the MM850 make this process a smooth and quiet affair.

Multi Axis Hub

Five-axis hub allows connection of important components while allowing the dual actuators to perform their complex drop and swivel motion.

The MM850 has some fail-safes included. The first of these is the hard travel-limit stops, which can be manually set to prevent the TV from banging against the wall or mount, chipping them, or worse. These stops can be both vertically and horizontally set. There are also soft travel-limit stops, which are programmable vertical and horizontal limits to prevent the same thing.

The other fail-safe concerns the television itself. If you have a fire going while watching your TV, that hardware is bound to get hot. With the MantleMount MM850, there are heat sensors that detect when the temperature has become too hot for the safe use of electronics (around 120-140 degrees). In that case, the TV is automatically retracted to its home position against the wall.

The mount itself comes with a recessed box to install into the wall, making the TV flush with the wall rather than poking out several inches in an unsightly manner. The box is matte black, but can be painted to match your wall, or, if you’re feeling a bit creative, a nice accent color. At the bottom, there is an adapter to install a sound bar to the mount so that you can enjoy quality sound while keeping your mantle free of speakers.

There are two present memory positions. When the TV is turned on, either by remote or automation system, your flatscreen will descend to favorite position #1. The MM850 works with TVs from 55” to 100” diagonally, with a maximum load of 130 pounds. It has an adjustable tilt of +2 degrees. It has a generous amount of horizontal swivel at +30 degrees, and a vertical drop of up to 32 inches. The MantleMount MM850 has an off-the-wall distance of 19-22”, allowing the mount to clear practically any size mantle.

Pricing and Availability

The MantleMount MM850 has an MSRP of $1699 (their manual pull-down mount, the MM750, sells for $699). The company has recently landed a distribution deal with Volutone, a company that has seven facilities across Southern California and Nevada.

There are several other distributors across the United States in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and New York. The company is ever-expanding, so if the product is not available near you now, it is likely that there will be a distributor nearby within the next several years.

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