Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a multi-purpose device  that uses Amazon's personal assistant - Alexa.  You can ask it to play music, check the news or weather, and so much more.  The Amazon Echo using Alexa can also be the heart of your smart home.  With the Echo in one room, you can tell it to turn on the lights in the living room, adjust the temperature if you have one of a number of smart thermostats, control dimmers and switches, lock the front door (if you have a compatible smart lock).  There's an amazing amount of devices it can control Amazon has partnered with a great many major companies in home automation.  You can control many smart lights such as those from the Hue lighting from Philips, or LIFX Wifi RGBW and white bulbs, Lightify and more. Amazon Echo The primary limitation of the Amazon Echo and Alexa is it sits in one room of your house.  If you are outside of that room, it just can't hear you and react, although it's multiple microphones make it very effective at hearing - even over music, from across a room. Fortunately Amazon has several accessories including the Amazon Dot which acts as a satellite.  Many folks will have one Echo, and use Dots or Taps in other rooms. So far we have two Dots and a remote complementing the Echo in our Smart Home project.

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