Google Home Spotify and Deezer Streaming

Google Home has some exciting new updates for music lovers! Now you can add a Spotify Free account and use your Assistant to play your favorite tunes. This feature will be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and Australia this week – and you can do it from the Google Home app. Finding new music is as easy as “Okay, Google, play Today’s Top 40 Hits.”

Spotify and Deezer

The addition of Spotify and Deezer to the Google Home is awesome for musicians who have their music available for streaming. Spotify is widely used, and having the service available on the ever-more-popular personal assistants of today, such as the Google Home, gives a wider reach for listening ears. That’s more money in the pockets of the musicians you love.

Since you’re probably already using Spotify (who isn’t?), all of your favorite playlists will now be accessible with the Google Assistant. What’s not to love? Deezer is already available for users in Germany and France, but is coming available this week to Google Home users in the US, UK and Canada.

Your Music

You’ve probably got your own killer library you want to listen to as well. If you’ve got an iPhone, Android phone, or another Bluetooth-enabled device, you can use Bluetooth Audio to stream your preferred music. That’s great for parties and other small gatherings where good music is of prime importance.

What's That Song Again?

Ever thought of a song you’ve heard, only to have the name completely escape you? With yet another cool feature recently added to the Google Home, you’re not doomed to figure it out on your own, or wait for your friends to help you remember. The Assistant can help you find the right tune by listening to you describe album artwork. It can help you find a song you only know a few lyrics to. No more desperate Google search while you pull your hair out trying to remember!

Other Streaming Services

The Google Home has several other options for getting your music on. Pandora, Google Play, YouTube Music, and 100+ Google Cast-enabled audio apps are all ways you can enjoy your favorite tunes. So get on it!

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