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The annual CES trade show is upon us! Every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, thousands of consumer electronics companies convene in one of the largest conventions of the year to exhibit their products. This year, 1,200 speakers will take the stage, speaking on topics ranging from advertising and entertainment, cars, and sports, to product manufacturing and design, health and wellness, and more. Nearly two hundred thousand people will be in attendance, including thousands of members of the press and technology-loving consumers alike.

Smarter Home Automation will be live at CES, providing you with both real-time videos and after-the-fact interviews and articles so that you can be up to date on all the latest and greatest in the consumer electronics industry. Let’s take a look at what to expect, some of the companies that will be there, and which ones we are going to harass for products to get you even more awesome reviews and content in 2018.

What to Expect

CES (January 9-12) is jam-packed with exhibitors and speakers, all gathering to bring us the information we all crave. Some talks you can sit in on include topics such as augmented and virtual reality, gaming, branding, marketing, fitness and wearables, 3D printing, self-driving cars, drones, robotics, smart home gear, and even startups. You can even see Neil Patrick Harris speak on the evolution of media and how understanding one’s viewership behavior can influence content for better interaction between brands and their followers.

But, speakers are only a slice of the pie. Four thousand exhibitors will have their newest products on display across various locations on the Las Vegas Strip. We will be navigating the techy waters of CES to bring you live videos and interviews from the event, as well as produced videos and articles to be published during and after, with exclusive video from the Pepcom press event on Monday evening. We will also be vlogging about our experience in Vegas, so make sure you tune in to get the full scoop.

Who Will Be There

As mentioned, four thousand companies will be exhibiting at CES this year. There will be projector companies like CASIO and Optoma, for those of you who are home theater enthusiasts, who we will be meeting with in between our hunts for smart home gear. Adobe will be there (big fan), as well as other big names like ADT Security Systems, BMW, Hulu and Amazon – Amazon will be exhibiting several facets of their company, including advertising, Alexa and other devices, Launchpad, and their marketing and web services.

As for smart home companies, there are too many to list, but there are a few that come immediately to mind. Amazon Alexa is worth mentioning again, Google Hardware (Google Home), Flir Systems (infrared phone camera), OSRAM, Chamberlain, Schlage, August Home, Fibaro and Elgato.

Companies We Plan to Harass

Art has a running list of companies we are going to harass to send us products, such as OSRAM/Sylvania, a well-known smart lighting company that provides both colored and white bulb and strip solutions. Art’s got their Smart+ LED Flex Strips installed in his kitchen (previously called Lightify Flex RGBW Strip Lights), which bring a pop of color to his totally awesome kitchen. I wouldn’t mind testing out some of their other lighting options myself.

We want to hit up Flir Systems, which have that awesome infrared camera that attaches to the base of your smart phone. While fun for consumers, the product is geared toward do-it-yourselfers to use for spotting water and gas leaks in their home. They have a pro version for contractors that connects them with other professionals in the industry, which is pretty cool for those guys.

I’m going to make a point to visit Chamberlain – I’ve wanted their MyQ Garage since I wrote an article about them last year around this time. That is a smart-phone-controlled garage door opener that allows you to check whether you actually remembered to shut the garage door or not. I also want to check out Elgato and August Home. I’m sure the list will grow as we hit the show floor.

Where to Catch Us

Smarter Home Automation will be live on both Facebook and Instagram throughout the event. Our produced videos will be hosted on our website as well as our YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe to both to get updates! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the more down-to-earth content that will be published in real-time, so that you can get a play-by-play of our time at CES.

We are particularly jazzed for this event, as we will be covering the exclusive press event mentioned earlier, along with the regular open-to-the-public show. It’s sure to be an exciting week for Smarter Home Automation, and for those of you who tune in. See you next week, and remember to follow our platforms!

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