Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats, like most other smart home automation products, come in a variety of flavors. We’ve already reviewed WiFi and Z-Wave compatible smart thermostats, (most are one of those two types) but there are Zigbee and Bluetooth smart thermostats too. Perhaps the best known manufacturers of smart thermostats are Nest – now owned by Google, Ecobee (the current darling of Apple HomeKit / Siri) and Honeywell, but there are plenty of smaller companies, as well as a number of brands appearing from crowdsourcing, and from Asia.
Smart Thermostat Nest Image
Nest Learning Thermostat using its Airwave feature to cool the house using less energy the just running the AC compressor.
Smart thermostats have the capability of running schedules, and away modes to reduce energy usage for when you leave the house, and adapting to your schedule. Some can keep track of which rooms people are in, and adjust accordingly to save energy. And, of course, this can all be controlled and monitored from your smart phone or tablet, typically from anywhere at home, and when away from anywhere there’s internet access. With Geo-Fencing tied to your smart home, and it’s smart thermostat, your heater or air conditioning might come on, as needed, when you are returning home but have just come within ½ mile.

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