Amazon Alexa Skill for Smart Door Locks

For some time now, Amazon Echo and smart lock users have been waiting with bated breath for a development that will allow them to lock and unlock their front door using Alexa. Well, you still can’t unlock your door with Alexa, as developers are still working on a way to make this happen without decreasing security. If your Amazon Echo or Dot is located close enough for you to ask Alexa to unlock the door, then anyone could do the same – friend or foe. You can, however, now ask Alexa if the front door is locked – and lock it if it’s not – from anywhere in the home. The Amazon Alexa Skill for smart door locks is available now and has some great benefits. Read on to find out more.

Alexa, Is The Front Door Locked?

This addition to Alexa’s skills is home automation at its finest. With hands-free control of your front door, who wouldn’t be intrigued? How many times have you climbed into bed, just to have your spouse ask you if you locked the front door? Stumbling in the dark, you find your way to the door and realize it is in fact locked, and there was no need for you to leave your comfortable bed to look. Now you don’t have to.

The Alexa Smart Home Category is already a hugely popular feature of the Amazon Echo, allowing for hands-free control of a multitude of smart devices in the home. August Home adds to this list, with their 1st generation or 2nd generation August Smart Lock skill allowing users to check if the front door is locked using Alexa, and lock it if need be – simply download it like you would any other skill, via the Alexa app. The August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is required to start using the August Smart Lock with Alexa-enabled devices, serving to connect the Bluetooth lock to Wi-Fi.

Perhaps one day, the bright minds of technology will come up with an Alexa-based solution for unlocking the door from the outside – maybe it’s as simple as providing a pin number via voice command. Until then, we wait. For now, the August Smart Lock works with Alexa and is compatible with Nest, Xfinity Home, and Logitech products. More information on compatibility and partners can be found at August Works With.

Availability and Pricing

The August Smart Lock can be found online at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and other retailers for $229. Or, if you prefer a hands-free approach, you can ask Alexa to order from any Alexa voice-enabled device.

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