BeON smart light bulb and home security set

The BeON Home is part-smart light bulb, part-home protection system! The idea is for your house when you’re home to be virtually indistinguishable from your house when you’re away on vacation. The BeON bulb tracks and remembers your light usage, so that when you leave it will mimic and replay your typical schedule to (believably) suggest you never left!

Mind you this isn’t the only “light bulb” with a memory for this, however, BeON has created a well thought out solution that does more, and has the potential to “grow” in terms of capabilities.

The BeON Home System

The BeON Home system comes with few other great features. Keeping in mind that burglars sometimes ring the doorbell to test if you’re home, BeON offers a doorbell response. One of your lights will actually turn on as if you’re home and getting up to answer the door.

Getting beyond tricking your friendly neighborhood burglar:  If there is a power outage, the BeON bulbs will actually operate for up to 4 hours on battery . If a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off, the bulbs will turn on and work as emergency lighting to help you exit safely. The bulbs can work indoors or outdoors, in enclosed fixtures or exposed. All this, plus they work with your normal on/off light switch as well as the app… And they’re dimmable!

(You can watch short animated demo videos of these features on the BeON website.)

The BeON Home is technically two pieces: 1) the bulb, and 2) the built-in rechargeable battery module, which recharges automatically when the light is on. The battery’s features include:

  • Always active – 24/7 detection of alarms and lighting commands
  • Memory – learns your lighting behavior and stores your replay schedule
  • Bluetooth – bulbs communicate wirelessly, every bulb knows everything
  • Microphone – trained to detect your doorbell and your smoke/CO alarms
  • Battery – when AC power isn’t there, battery kicks in and recharges whenever light switch is on
  • Upgradeable – future-proof, so you can swap out new modules as they become available

It is important to note that it operates on Bluetooth, so you can’t actually control it remotely—you and your phone need to be in the direct vicinity. They say the range is 100 feet, but we suspect that’s optimistic. We’ll confirm for you once we get a set in for review.

Depending on the size/type of your home and your needs, they recommend different packages for different prices (and are offering deals on their website below formal list price):

  • Studio apartment – 1 bulb, $75
  • Small apartment (1-2 bedrooms) – 2 bulbs, originally $150 $140
  • Most homes (2-4 bedrooms) – 3 bulbs, originally $225 $199
  • Large homes (3-5 bedrooms) – 4 bulbs, originally $300 $249
  • Larger homes (5+ bedrooms) 7 bulbs, originally $525 $398

The bulbs come with a 3 year warranty, and they offer a 100 day money back guarantee with free shipping and free returns. Plus, the app they work with is free in the App Store. The bulbs are also available on Amazon for the same price (Prime shipping eligible, so you still get that free shipping).

Quick Specifications for the BeON Home

To review:

  • Available in packs of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 7
  • Free app available in the App Store
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Battery recharges automatically when light is switched on
  • Bluetooth connectivity (no remote access or Wi-Fi)
  • 60W equivalent, uses only 13.5W
  • 800 lumens of 3000K soft white light
  • Claims bulb lasts 22 years with module lasting 5
  • 3 year warranty
  • Free shipping

Overall, the Beon bulb proved very cool when I saw a full demo at ISC-West, a large US security show.  We’ll figure out how cool when we get a chance to review it.  Overall, though, nice to see a well thought out product with growth potential.

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