The Fibaro system is a smart, wireless, Z-wave compatible, 4-color, controller for LED light strips. It supports the 3 traditional RGB (red, green, blue) channels, as well as those LED light strips that also have a white LED. It has four analogue inputs that can support, light, wind, or pressure sensors (and more!)

For some this is definitely a DIY type of product, but, it’s also may be exactly what your installer/home automation company needs to integrate your RGBW (or RGB) strip lights, LED neon, etc., or even a ceiling fan, into your smart home.

The Fibaro RGBW Controller is a universal, Z-wave device, which means its mesh network. The more devices (light switches, etc.) that you have in your house, the tighter and more reliable the network is.

We will be reviewing these Fibaro micro controllers, which fit in the palm of your hand, shortly here as part of our Dream Home Project. We have four of them in-house, and we’ll use them to control the RGB and RGBW LED strip lights that we have our backyard. We currently have 3 existing strips, and we’ll be adding a fourth.

The Fibaro controller will let us tie those lights into our whole smart home system, as opposed to being run by individual credit card-size remote controls, which is how most RGB strip lights are sold (Home Depot, Amazon, etc.) Sure those little remotes  work fine, but they were lacking for a few reasons. First, those remotes offered limited color options (and a few special effects, but we certainly weren’t able to utilize the full color spectrum the lights offered. Second, they weren’t “connected” or, for that matter “smart” at all! So a year ago, we went out looking for a solution to tie it into the house, and we found a Wi-Fi solution. The problem is the Wi-Fi unit itself, if you want to control these things from your phone and such, have to be within range of both 1) your router and 2) your lights.  Just having the lights within range of your router, doesn’t do it.

Long story short? It doesn’t work very well like that at least not in anything but a very small house! Net result: We wanted to try again, and the Fibaro RGBW looks like a perfect solution.



Features of the Fibaro

The Fibaro also supports up to four 0V-10V analog sensors, including those for temperature, humidity, wind, air quality, light, etc.

It uses a PWM output signal, which enables it to control LED, RGB, RGBW strips, halogen lights and fans. Controlled devices may be powered by 12 or 24 VDC.

One feature is you can monitor the energy consumption of your LED light strips, and you can measure each of the four channels independently if you want. You can check it in real-time, or view your usage history.

The device allows for seamless, wireless upgrades anytime new firmware is available–you don’t even have to disconnect it from the wall! Just hit ‘update.’

The controller sells for $69.99 on Amazon. Fibaro is an Italian company–they also make a hub and other devices!

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