The Lutron Caséta is a lighting control system that primarily consists of a smart wireless bridge, light switches (in-wall or plug-in), and dimmers. The Caséta line is the lowest of Lutron’s three–they have very, ultra high-end products, as well as fairly high-end stuff. Caséta is the line that competes with today’s newer, lower-cost home automation gear.

Lutron’s background is pretty exclusively in lighting, but they also do automized shades (which as home theater people, we like).

Lutron Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge, Light Switches and Dimmer Overview

Lutron offers a number of Caséta Wireless starter kits, which vary slightly in price depending on which set you select/what you want your system to include. You can also buy a la carte. On Amazon (prime eligible), the Smart Bridge sells for $79.95, the In-Wall Switches are $64.95 each, and the In-Wall Dimmer is $49.99. Lutron also offers other devices and accessories like remote controls, plug-in dimmers (not in-wall), wall-plates for your switches, and tabletop pedestals.

The pedestals are very cool. They can run on batteries for a year or two, and they sit tabletop, so you can control your Caséta lights them from couch end table, coffee table, or kitchen countertop… A little battery-powered light switch wherever you go! Very cool.

The Caséta light switches are rather elegant-looking. We’ve installed several of their switches into our Dream Home Project (mostly the dimmables, but a few simple off/on ones as well).


Prices are a little higher than most of the lesser-known, crowdsourced-type brands of smart light dimmers, but that’s because you’ve got a big-name company behind them and everything works seamlessly from the get-go. We had no problems with installation: our electrician installed all of the switches in less than half a day, and we easily hooked up the Caséta bridge, which plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router (hardwired is very typical of various hubs).

Ultimately, Lutron is firmly established, has long been into home automation, and has a very good reputation. We’re in the process of reviewing the bridge, light switches and dimmer, and we expect our final verdict will be that they work beautifully.  We installed all of those switches and the Hub about two weeks before publishing this Product Overview. The app is very nice too, (not big on fancy graphics, but straight forward, and intuitive).  Stay-tuned for that full review.

The Lutron system itself is a closed one, but Lutron’s Hub (bridge) interfaces with most major players: Amazon Echo’s Alexa, Apple HomeKit’s Siri, the SmartThings hub, and a number of others. Great interconnection!  Look for our forthcoming full review.

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