LIFX is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED light bulb brand with four current models: the Color 1000, the Color 1000 BR30, the White 800 and the White 900 BR30. They are adjustable, dimmable, and most notably work without a hub or any external hardware—just the bulb and your Wifi)!

About LIFX bulbs

We’ve been aware of LIFX for quite some time now, back to when they launched a Kickstarter page to obtain funding and support.

As we publish this the LIFX bulbs in house, with two were recently brought online (including working with Amazon Echo and our SmartThings Hub.  Consider this article to be more informational than evaluating.  But we’ll get into the actual performance in our upcoming full review.

Our Initial thoughts? Most impressive: crazy bright with, the ability to do blue-greens (well, a full color spectrum – blue-green only mentioned because it’s been a serious challenge to some other well known bulbs (more on that later).

(In order, these images show: Color 1000, Color 1000 BR30, White 800, White 900 BR30, Color 1000 with box, 3 boxes)

(These images show, in order, four colors of the LIFX Color 1000 BR30, followed by four color temperature shades of the LIFX White 900 BR30).

There are a lot of smart light bulbs out there on the market; tons that are Wi-Fi-enabled, work with a smartphone app, offer millions of colors, etc. What sets the LIFX series apart is that, unlike the popular Philips Hue bulbs, they do not require any type of external hub for control: just your phone, a Wi-Fi router, and the bulbs.

The LIFX bulbs come in two shapes: compact A19 and BR30 floods. Now, we really like that they are flood lights – that’s less common for color smart bulbs. The BR30 bulbs produce the equivalent of 70W, which I think is significantly brighter than competitor Phillips Hue. Maximum power consumption 11 W, which is nice and reasonable.

Believe it or not, the standard color bulb, called the Color 1000, is even brighter – the equivalent of 75W. It’s almost surprising that the standard white bulb is the least bright with 800 lumens and rated the equivalent of 60W.

The LIFX bulbs work with the Apple Watch, Nest, Amazon Echo, SmartThings Hub and others, so basically they are my kind of smart home company, in that they make sure that they’re compatible with all of the major players. Good for them.

Most significantly, the LIFX bulbs seem to handle the whole color spectrum pretty well, unlike the Phillips Hue lights that my daughter reviewed. These LIFX seem to have no problem at all producing nice blue-green shades, which are basically impossible for the Hue bulbs (turquoises and teals basically just appear white on those bulbs. Shame.)

The other thing is that LIFX bulbs are RGBW’s, and that means they’ve got a separate white LED in there for really good, tunable white light.

The App is what makes it work of course.  You will have to wait for the review to publish for a lot of detail about the App’s functionality.


LIFX Model Specs


  • Color 1000 – $59.99/each, A19 bulb, 1055 lumens, 11W at full brightness, estimated yearly cost $1.32, 2500-9000K color temperature
  • Color 1000 BR30 – $59.99/each, BR30 directional bulb, 970 lumens, 11W at full brightness, estimated yearly cost $1.32, 2500-9000K color temperature
  • White 800 – $39.99/each, A19 bulb, 890 lumens, 11W at full brightness, estimated yearly cost $1.32, 2700-6500K color temperature
  • White 900 BR30 – $39.99/each, BR30 directional bulb, 950 lumens, 12W at full brightness, estimated yearly cost $1.45, 2700-6500K color temperature

Get the LIFX Color 1000 on Amazon.

Get the LIFE Color 1000 BR30 on Amazon.

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