Security has been breached on a number of internet-connected devices over the last year in large-scale botnet attacks. A quick Google search on “Mirai Botnet” will turn up a plethora of potentially frightening articles detailing malware attacks on routers and smart devices, where your products essentially become zombies serving a malicious cause.

Securifi knows that your internet and home automation security is of the utmost importance, and has launched a new IoT (Internet of Things) device security service for the Securifi Almond 3 to protect your DVRs, IP Cameras, smart thermostats and other smart home devices. The Almond 3 can now automatically detect vulnerability in compromised devices.


Securify Almond 3 Security Subscription

Securifi has initiated a 30-day free trial of their subscription-based service for Almond 3 users, and will be extending this service to Almond+ and Almond 2015 users. Securifi is the first router manufacturer to provide a solution to the problem of IoT security. Their Almond 3 has a built-in home automation hub, which allows it to monitor traffic of both Wi-Fi and smart home devices. The subscription service identifies vulnerable devices before they become soldiers for Mirai-like botnet attacks.


Features of the Almond 3 Security Subscription

Machine learning algorithms are used by the Almond 3 to detect susceptible devices, relaying that information to your smart phone. With a tap of your finger, you can block your defenseless devices from the network. If your devices have an unusual traffic pattern – such as your Nest thermostat speaking to a Russian server – the app will alert you immediately.

This feature is currently available for Amazon Echo, Smartthings, Wink, Nest, Hue and about fifteen other popular devices. Click here for a complete list.

It is estimated that hundreds of additional devices will be added periodically. This feature does not infiltrate your privacy, as no decryption of data packets takes place.

If any of your devices are compromised, the Almond 3 will detect if some are being used in attacks. The service also allows parents the optional ability to monitor their children’s web usage so they can discuss their surfing habits, if need be, which could prove to be potentially embarrassing for the average high-school student who thinks a parental breach in privacy is “ruining their life.” I suppose this is why this particular service is turned off by default.

Additional features that come standard on the Almond 3, without the subscription, include local and cloud control, automatic firmware updates, randomized passwords (using cryptographically safe methods from inside your home), bank-grade encryption, blocking and scheduling, and a guest network that you can activate through the app and Alexa voice commands.


Availability and Pricing

For a limited time, Securifi customers can use the service for $3.99 a month, with an increase to $9.99 per month once additional features come available. The subscription is available now for all Almond 3 users, and will be extended to include Almond+ and Almond 2015 users as well. You can purchase the Almond 3 on the Securify Website.

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